Join Dr. Zisman's Weight Loss Program, a premier medically supervised plan designed with your health in mind.

We measure your hormone levels and metabolic indicators, consider your lifestyle and food preferences and assess your overall health, to create a plan to unleash your weight loss potential, make you healthy... AND YES, SKINNY TOO!



​It is a customized and specifically designed for you according to your needs and goals, and includes:

  • Medical Examination and evaluation by expert in Metabolism Dr. Zisman and detailed discussion of Treatment Goals

  • Advanced Screening Laboratory Evaluations

  • Personalized and individualized  Diet Plans

  • All Weight Loss Prescriptions and Supplements

  • Visits with a Nutrition Counselor to  add varieties and design your menus

  • Specific guidance on Exercise plan and physical activities

  • Weekly Weigh-In and Performance Review Visits

  • Weekly Measurements of Body Composition

  • Frequent Follow Up Visits with the Doctor and nutritionist to Monitor Progress

  • Strategies for Motivation and Transformation of Eating Habits for Durable Weight Loss





Clinically proven procedure approved by FDA to reduce cells in selected areas using a controlled cooling system technology. It is safe, non-invasive non-surgical procedure that leads to permanent reduction of fat cells in the treated area, without harming the surrounding skin or other tissues.


Clinically proven procedure approved by FDA to reduce or eliminates the cellulites, proven efficacy in body contouring, firming and improving skin texture and tone. It is safe, painless and non-invasive procedure with outstanding results.